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Knitting for children (knitting needles)

Welcome to the exciting world of knitting! Here you will find everything you need for creativity and inspiration. Knitting is not only an exciting hobby, but also an opportunity to create unique things with your own hands.

No matter your experience level, we have something interesting for you. Beginners will find simple, straightforward patterns to help them master the basics of knitting and gain confidence. And experienced craftsmen will be able to enjoy complex patterns and techniques, expanding their creative potential.

We offer a wide selection of knitting patterns: from warm sweaters and blankets to stylish accessories and toys. In addition, on our website you will find useful tips and instructions that will help you cope with any difficulties and achieve an ideal result.

Join our knitting community, share your projects and be inspired by the creativity of other members. Together we will create something truly amazing!

Let's make your knitting dreams come true together!


 Bodysuits, overalls, sandboxes (12)

 Blouses, pullovers (83)

 Sleeveless tank tops (26)

 Bolero for girls (9)

 Coats, jackets (20)

 Dress, sundresses (60)

 Pants, skirts (18)

 Booties, socks (67)

 Hats, gloves, scarves (86)

 Suits (27)